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SEA invest Shipping Agency solution goes far beyong mere shipping agency.
We do not fear commitment, we share calculated risks with our customers.

Look at SEA invest group's investments and the complete range of possible services, it is a partnership that we offer, not a short-sighted activity.

From tankers to bulk carriers, on board an LNGC or waiving goodbye to the passengers of an imposing cruise ship, finalizing the loading operations of a supply vessel, at any time, SEA invest agents are mastering the calls of all kinds of vessels in France, Belgium, West Africa ..., assisting crew members, controlling port costs, analysing traffics, fervently defending Owners, Charterers interests with port authorities, administrations.

A daring control of the explicit and implicit needs of our customers is our leit motiv.

No matter the efforts, we target the ultimate solution.

Why not try to see the best in SEA invest ?
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